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About Our Smart Play School

Smart Play School is among the very first structured, 'process & IP-driven' brands in the early childhood education space. Smart Play School preschools help children take the First Big Step into the world of structured learning. The core value proposition of the brand is in its unique curriculum and well-structured, organised pedagogy that has been developed by Educomp’s prestigious R&D department.Our dedicated efforts towards building and nurturing the future generation has proclaimed Smart Play School as the best Preschool Chain in India.

Early childhood development plays a crucial role in preparing your child for the struggles of life. The Smart Play SchoolTM’ preschool curriculum has been designed to ensure steady growth and holistic development of 3-5 year olds. This consists of several fun-filled, entertaining and knowledgeable activities that promote all-round skills development while also maintaining the elements of joy, excitement, health, good values and interaction with one another. These activities are known to bring out the best in every child.Together, we play, learn and grow; a motto focussed on early childhood development! All the preschool activities are focused on bringing out the best in your child, and in turn making Smart Play School the best play school for kids in India!


The children of the world are innocent, vulnerable and dependent. They are also curious, active and full of hope. Their time should be one of joy and peace, of playing, learning and growing. Their future should be shaped in harmony and cooperation. Their lives should be shaped, as they broaden their perspectives and gain new experiences. These experiences can bring a total development of the child socially, physically, intellectually, culturally and emotionally.

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