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Play-based learning

Children play a lot and we do have a curriculum for the same.
Children should play freely and independently with their peers.
To optimize children’s learning experience through different types of play such as digital play, active play, creative play, social play and free play.

Child-led approach

Children are very smart to know how they want to learn
The teacher’s role is to support them and enable their learning skill.
Teachers sit with students discussing and playing together with them.
So that children quickly identify their own strengths and interests, as well as preferred methods of learning.

Special focus on emotional skills

To help children to use their senses. This means little children are taught how to use their five senses(see,hear,smell,touch and taste) to understand the world around them.

Respecting children and educators as individuals

In SMART PLAY SCHOOL students and teachers are respected as individuals.Children are treated as little sprouts, and nurtured to grow in the direction they prefer Teachers are highly trusted and given the autonomy to decide the best way to teach their own students. Help every child become the best versions of their own within a safe, empowering and fun learning environment.

Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)

Each child is given special attention and is closely observed in different situations throughout the day. Also maintains a continuous communication with parents to ensure that the children receive the best possible support to develop their overall well-being at school and at home

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