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Smart Play School Activities


During the initial years, children must be in an environment that enhances their major domains of growth physical, motor, comprehension and communication skills. Our Playgroup provides them adequate experiences with objects, interactions and by involving them in activities which appeal to their basic playful nature. The Play Group Program is for children 24 to 36 months of age, and is designed to give them an opportunity to be with other children of the same age in a loving, supportive play situation. At Smart Play School our qualified and experienced teachers promote emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development in a fun, engaging environment.??

Play Group

Our Play Group Program is for children between the ages of 3 - 5 yrs. We will be teaching songs, dance, rhymes, alphabets, numbers, shapes, circle time, parachute time, bubbles, art, craft, story time, introduction to computer aided education. We facilitate "action based" knowledge in a fun filled environment to stimulate your child's development.

Programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of the very young, who are coming to school for the first time. All our activities are "hands on" in a fun filled environment, which will stimulate your child's development in a variety of skill areas including, language, social, emotional, physical and thinking skills. Instructions are based on stress-free and play-way approach.

Our programs are designed for children to achieve their maximum potential. In our environment, the children will learn about themselves and their world, sharing and working together in small groups, building a foundation to skills and self-esteem that can last a lifetime.

With lots of creative activities like arts, craft, Puppet shows, drama, dancing and more, we will make your child's experience a wonderful and a memorable one. Our teachers are enthusiastic and well qualified. The time your little one spends with us today will lead to a healthy development for tomorrow.

Classrooms are spacious, we maintain 5:1 teacher child ratio. We have a total of 8 rooms ranging from 100 to 300 sq ft for the largest rooms. All our rooms are well lit, and are air-conditioned.

Highlights of Curriculum...

  • Gross motor - walking, running, climbing
  • Fine motor - feeding themselves, colouring
  • Sensory - seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling
  • Language readiness - saying single words, then short sentences
  • Math readiness - pattern and shape recognition
  • Social - playing with others, taking turns, doing pretend play
  • Emotional : control over feelings, happy at school

Activities galore:

  • Free play learning stations
  • Story time
  • Circle Time
  • Sensorial activities
  • Splash pool
  • Sandpit play
  • Sing along - Rhyme time
  • Art and craft
  • Special days (concept and theme related)
  • Festival celebrations


FOR ADMISSION CONTACT : +91 9047853173 / 9626420496